The Countdown has started!

You have probably already heard: We are glad to announce officially that we finally host another “European Week” (formerly “International Week”)! Under the motto “European at heart. Let’s create a Europe for tomorrow”, seven folk groups from all over Europe come together to participate in the intercultural encounter week.


You get two options to experience the musicians and dancers live on stage – an absolute highlight for all the participants and a spectacular experience for the spectators: On Sunday, 13 October 2019, in Pfalzdorf/Goch (District Kleve) and on Wednesday, 16 October 2019, in Merkstein/Herzogenrath (District Aachen), the seven nations create a journey through Europe and present how diverse and colourful the European Community is with music and dancing. Further information will follow!


Our logo of the week was designed by Munich illustrator Anuschka Rattunde: https://www. anuschka-rattunde. com

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We have started our first crowdfunding project. If you like to support us, press on the green button "Unterstützen auf Startnext" and you will be forwarded to our project. There you have the possibility to purchase one of our gifts, called "Dankeschön". 


Seven folk groups from different European countries are hosting a market day with music, dance and their typical national specialities. Visitors are going on a journey through Europe and experience how colourful and diverse the European Community is – either culinarily, with Danish “Smørrebrød”, Swedish „ärtsoppa“ pea soup, or with Irish step dance á la Riverdance and fiery Hungarian dances.



What is the project about?

For the international market day, seven folk groups are coming from Europe to Goch in the Lower Rhine region. The 200 participants present their country-specific costumes, dances and music live on stage. We want to create a happy international get-together and cultural exchange.

The participating groups are the Irish International Folk Company from Dublin, Ireland; the folk ensemble Lenok from Podolsk, Russia; the folk-dance group Malmö Folksdansare from, Sweden; the Hungarian-German Folk-Ensemble Mecseknadásd from Hungary; Créa Danse from France; and the folk-dance group Taastrup Folkedanserforening from Denmark.


What is the aim and the target group?

The aim of the European Market is to present the participants and visitors the cultural European diversity, to give them the understanding of the peaceful, respectful living together in Europe and to overcome prejudices.

We address all Europeans which want to stand up for a common Europe and which are interested in music and dance.


Why to support the project? 

The „Klingende Windrose“ („Sounding Windrose“) creates a special cultural meeting. The 200 participants arrive from Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Russia, and Hungary, bringing their music instruments, dancing shoes and country-specific costumes and culinary specialities. When folk groups from seven different countries present their folk dances and songs, the visitor experiences a unique, impressing journey through Europe, how strangers become friends with music and dance, and how we preserve peace in such a colourful, united Europe.



What happens to the money following a successful funding?

We invest the money directly in realising the European Market.

For the market, inventory, market goods and advertising material is necessary. We organize the arrival and the catering for the 200 participants. In case of bad weather, we need weather-resistant equipment.

If we achieve our first funding target, you get your thank you gift when the financing phase is over.

If we do not achieve our first funding target, your money is refunded as a matter of course.


Who is responsible for the project?

The European Market is part of the “European Week”, which takes place from 12 to 19 October in Olpe. The week with the motto „European at Heart – Let´s create a Europe for tomorrow“is organised by the folk group Klingende Windrose (“Sounding Windrose”) consisting of 60 youths and adults from all over North Rhine-Westphalia. The group is continually developing and expanding their repertoire of German and international traditional dance, choral arrangements and music. For performances and special occasions, they wear traditional costumes from many different German regions. Organising international get-togethers and establishing new contacts and friendships is of particular importance to Klingende Windrose. Since its founding in 1966, the group has been a member of both the North Rhine-Westphalian association of DJO, Deutsche Jugend in Europa (German Youth in Europe) and of the European Folk Culture Organisation (EFCO).

At the European Market, the Klingende Windrose cooperates with the youth dance group Pfalzdorf which is hosting the market day.

Glad midsommar!

We celebrated a happy Midsummer with our friends from the folk dance group Malmö Folkdansare in Sweden. Together with spectators of our performances in Malmö, we danced around several midsummer trees. Thank you very much for the fantastic festive days; we are looking forward to see you again for the European Week in October!

We are happy about our present group photo from 2018.

























(August 2018)

20 years EFCO France – Jubilee in Tarare

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of EFCO France, EFCO delegations from Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, the Ukraine and Germany got together in Tarare near Lyon from June, 14 to 18, 2018. Christine Schillings, EFCO Youth president of Germany, represented the Sounding Windrose. She reported successful project days shaped by cordial international cooperation. Christine reported: “We are happy to maintain our friendships with the French groups „Crea’Danse company“ from Tarare and „Les Hirondelles du Forez“ from Neulise. Our special thanks goes to Claire Gattet who had organised the impressive jubilee.”


Olpe, City of the International Weeks

April 12, 2018: This was an important step: Last weekend we brought our European friends to the table and we can proudly say: Olpe, we are coming! Our 22nd “International Week” will take place in 2019, but from now on we will call it: European Folk Art & Culture Week.

Die Klingende Windrose gehört seit dem Gründungsjahr 1966 zum Landesverband Nordrhein-Westfalen der djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa und ist Mitglied in der Vereinigung European Folk Culture Organisation (EFCO). Die djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa ist anerkannter Träger der freien Jugendhilfe nach § 75 des Achten Buchs des Sozialgesetzbuchs – Kinder- und Jugendhilfe – (SGB VIII).



Since it´s founding in 1966, the Klingende Windrose has been a part of the North Rhine-Westphalian association of DJO (Deutsche Jugend in Europa / German Youth in Europe) and it is a member of the European Folk Culture Organisation (EFCO). The DJO Deutsche Jugend in Europa is an official support organisation of the independent youth support agency according to article 75 of Book VIII of the German Social Security Code (Children and Youth Support, SGB VIII).